Luggage Flight Regulations

Luggage Flight Regulations of Slovak Airlines.

1. General regulations:

1.1 Loose baggage:

Each passenger with the right to a seat, i.e. a passenger over the age of 2 years transported by the company Slovak Airlines has the right to free transport of baggage (checked baggage) of the following weight:

  • 20 kg – economy class passengers (Y-class)
  • 30 kg – business class passengers (C-class)

1.2 Cabin baggage:

Passengers also have the right to transport cabin baggage free of charge inside the aircraft, which must not exceed the weight of 5 kg and the dimensions of 55×45×20 cm (length×height×width). The weight of this baggage is not calculated in the total weight of the checked baggage. The following items for personal use can also be transported free of charge on board the aircraft:

  • small ladies’ handbag
  • coat
  • umbrella or walking stick
  • camera, video camera, telescope, laptop or mobile telephone
  • pram for babies and baby food (infant aged up to 2 years) for the duration of the flight
  • crutches and orthopaedic instruments for invalid passengers
  • (folding wheelchairs for invalids without batteries and prams for babies are transported free of charge in the cargo compartment of the aircraft)

Baggage with a greater weight than is permitted is transported according to the capacities of the transport company, whilst a fee is charged each 1 kg of excess weight according to the relevant tariff.

1.3 Important notices:

Upon deciding to choose baggage for transport, check whether it can be locked in a suitable manner (e.g. baggage with a zip should have a padlock). In the case of finding unauthorised opening of baggage, which has not been locked it will not be possible to acknowledge such a reclaim.

Each item of baggage must be indicated with a name-tag and address, and if applicable also a telephone number. We recommend that in addition to the name-tag on the outside of the baggage that you also use a name-tag inside the item of baggage.

We recommend that you place all valuable and personal items (e.g. jewellery, camera, video camera, money, documents, medicaments, fragile items etc.) in the cabin baggage, which you take with you on board the aircraft. Slovak Airlines does not bear responsibility for valuable items, which have been placed in checked baggage.

For better and safer handling of baggage, we recommend that you use a type of baggage, which ensures sufficient space, is as light as possible and is also sufficiently strong and waterproof.
Passengers may not transport hazardous cargo as specified by the internal regulations of the company.

For safety reasons, the airline company Slovak Airlines may refuse transport of baggage, which may jeopardise the safety of the flight, persons or property. Baggage which may be easily damaged or for which the packaging is unsuitable may also be excluded from transport.

2. Special baggage

These regulations relate to transport of baggage on charter flights of the company Slovak Airlines We will be happy to provide you with information about the regulations on our regular flights at our company’s sales offices.

2.1 Sports equipment

On charter flights of Slovak Airlines, under the price conditions designated in advance and if there is sufficient space in the cargo compartment part of the aircraft after loading of all passengers’ loose baggage, passengers may also transport the following sports equipment:

  • 1 sleeping back
  • 1 rucksack (which is not included as loose baggage)
  • 1 pair of skis, including 1 pair of poles and 1 pair of ski boots, or 1 snowboard and 1 pair of boots
  • 1 bag with golf equipment including 1 pair of golf shoes
  • 1 cylindrical bag, tightened and reinforced only on one side
  • 1 bicycle (without motor) with tyres deflated, handlebars twisted lengthways, pedals disassembled and the bicycle packaged in a suitable manner
  • 1 pair of standard water skis or 1 slalom water ski
  • 1 set of diving equipment, suitably packaged, bottles must not be pressurised. (The attendance worker has the right to check whether bottles are empty. If they are not, transport thereof may be refused.)
  • 1 portable musical instrument not exceeding the length of 100 cm, suitably packaged
  • Sports weapons Note: Transport of weapons is subject to the provisions on transport of hazardous cargo and must be approved in advance by the transport company.
  • 1 surfboard

Prices for transport are stipulated by the transport company as follows:

  • according to points 1-9: SKK 1,000.00 per piece
  • 10-11: SKK 2,000.00 per piece

2.2 Live animals

Live animals are transported under the following conditions:

  • Animals must be accompanied by a passenger older than 12 years of age
  • Animals must be transported in a firmly closed and sufficiently strong basket or in their own cage with a firm base, which passengers must furnish themselves
  • Each animal must have a veterinary and inoculation certificate (max. 1 month old)
  • Animals must be pacified by mild hypnotic or sedative agents
  • Animals are transported predominantly in the cargo compartment of the aircraft

Domestic animals may be transported in the passenger section of the aircraft if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • No more than 1 animal may be transported in the passenger section of the aircraft
  • The captain of the aircraft and the other passengers have no objections
  • The dimensions of the box containing the animal do not exceed 30×40×40 cm and the total weight does not exceed 5 kg
  • Animals must not cause discomfort to other passengers (noise, smell) and are firmly locked in the cage
  • Guide dogs accompanying blind passengers are transported free of charge

These regulations are only part of the conditions under which baggage is transported on both the regular and charter flights of our company. In the case of your interest in further information, contact our sales offices. (link to 8.1 – Sales offices)

Lost Baggage

(How to proceed upon loss of baggage)

One of the few unpleasant circumstances, which may occur in air passenger transport in the complicated process of checking-in of passengers and their baggage is loss of or damage to baggage.

What to do in the case of loss of or damage to baggage

First of all, contact a worker of the reclaims department at the airport or a representative of Slovak Airlines regarding the given situation. These workers will flexibly assist you and familiarise you in detail with the further procedure. A PIR (Property Irregularity Report) will be compiled in their present – this is a report on loss of or damage to baggage. On the basis of the aforementioned report a worldwide search for your baggage will be announced.

Amongst other matters the report contains detailed information about the lost baggage or the damage thereto and the contact address of the injured party. The original of this document also serves as a document for application of compensation for damages caused by loss of or damage to baggage. In the case that the undelivered baggage contained items of personal need and the injured passenger does not continue further to the place of his or her residence, and it is not expected that the baggage will arrive at this place on this day, the passenger is entitled to single assistance.

After the lost baggage has been found the passenger will be contacted by a worker from the reclaims department and the baggage will be delivered to the address stated on the PIR, or otherwise following an agreement with the competent worker. If the search is unsuccessful after 21 days of its commencement, the passenger is entitled to compensation for the lost baggage. On the basis of the Warsaw convention on the unification of certain regulations of international air transport and the relevant IATA resolutions, responsibility of the transport company is limited to the sum of USD 20.00 for each kilogram of loss of the baggage.

If this concerns loss, damage or loss of part of the contents of the baggage, each of these cases is a separate insurance event, which will be resolved in co-operation with the insurance company.

Upon application of compensation for lost/damaged baggage, it is important for the problem-free settlement of the insurance event to present all the required documents:

  • Application for damages compensation
  • Original (copy) of ticket + baggage slip
  • PIR – original of report on loss of or damage to baggage
  • Other documents confirming the value of the lost/damaged baggage
  • Bill for repair or if applicable on irreparability of baggage

We are convinced that in the case of presentation of all the necessary documents the application for compensation for the damage caused will be resolved to the satisfaction of the injured party.